Neofit Potable Water Pipe Lining


Neofit offers an effective solution for repairing potable water service pipes.

Neoflt is a versatile lining system, offering a cost effective solution for the renovation of potable water service pipes. Pipes suffering from water quality problems including lead, deterioration & leakage can be rehabilitated with the Neofit system.

Neofit is particularly suitable where alternative solutions prove to be disruptive.

With Neofit an effective barrier is created between water supply and pipe material. The liner is inserted into the pipe; it is then heated and expanded to contour to the inside walls of the existing pipe. Furthermore, the thin yet durable lining provides leak tightness in bridging gaps and holes in the pipe wall, without affecting the performance of the service.

The operation is very quick, with “water off” time reduced to less than 90 minutes in most installations. Apart from needing access at the main connection points, no disturbance to the environmental surroundings is taking place.

A Certified and Trained Neofit Installer relined a 3/4″ water service line approximately 92 feet long using the Neofit water service lining system supplied by Pipe Shield. The service line passed under a residential driveway and several utility lines. Lining was accomplished in under 2 hours and the customer was very happy we did not have to dig up their yard, or asphalt driveway. The Neofit liner is NSF-61G certified for potable drinking