How To Maximize A Building System’s Life Cycle

We are pleased to announce that Brad Arnold contributed an article to this month’s Canadian Property Management magazine titled “How to maximize a building system’s life cycle” which details how preventative maintenance programs can help managers save energy and ensure tenant comfort.

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Brad Arnold Speaking At Springfest 2016

Don’t miss out on Brad Arnold speaking at Springfest 2016 on April 7th at 8:30am – 9:45am about Cost Effective Strategies For Maintaining And Prolonging The Life Of Aging P/HVAC Systems. Admission is free. #SpringfestTO

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Seminar Details:

To reduce operating costs, occurrence of breakdown calls, and to maximize the life of your systems, building owners and managers must be more diligent in keeping their energy using equipment operating at peak efficiency. With any piece of equipment that has moving parts and uses energy, be it gas, oil or electricity, you want to be certain that it is being properly maintained by qualified service technicians. A proper maintenance program, performing frequent re-commissioning of your systems and conducting periodic reviews of the work that is being performed will be discussed.


Pipe Shield In Ottawa – CIPP Lining

Pipe Shield recently utilized our Cured-In-Place-Pipe (“CIPP”) lining system to rejuvenate and restore multiple severely blocked urinal stacks in Ottawa. The office building was 6 floors and the job was completed after hours to ensure it did not disrupt the tenants during the day. Below are links to our video inspections before and after the cleaning and lining process. Note that both images below are of one stack at the 12 foot mark before and after Pipe Shield’s work.


Pipe Shield – Video Inspection – Urinal Stack (Before Cleaning And Lining)


Pipe Shield – Video Inspection – Urinal Stack (After Cleaning And Lining)

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