Pipe Shield lining systems will restore the existing pipe to compete against a replacement pipe with the following benefits:

  • Completely Non-Toxic And Safe – Our ANSI-NSF Standard 61certified epoxy is 100% BPA free and completely safe for long term use.
  • Ontario Building Code Approved
  • Alberta Building Code Approved
  • Hydraulic Capacity – Improved water flow in your system thus reducing electrical requirements for pumping systems (30 to 40%)
  • Longevity – New pipes start to deteriorate the moment the water is turned on. Epoxy lined pipes protect from future corrosion or pinhole leaks indefinitely. Epoxy coatings are 44.4-times harder than type “L” copper pipe.
  • Maintenance – Epoxy resin coating creates a permanent protective shield between water contact and the inside surface of the pipe. Therefore no more pinholes with copper pipes or the rapid growth of tuberculation in iron pipes.
  • Water Quality – No further leaching of lead, galvanized or copper into the water stream resulting in improved drinking water quality.

Green Benefits:

Pipe Shield is also a certified green technology that has a significant impact on 4 of the 5 objectives specified by the Ministry of Research and Innovation as follows:

Reduces greenhouse gases by not having to manufacture new pipe, fittings, solder, pastes, insulation, wall repair materials, and recycling of old piping;

Reduces debris going to landfill including drywall, old insulation and very toxic fire stopping materials;

Results in cleaner water by reducing heavy metal content in the waste water flowing to waste water treatment plants, that cannot be removed and end up in our lakes and streams; and

Reduces electricity consumption as the smoother inside pipe wall reduces friction and pumping energy.


Over the Lifetime of the Product, Pipe Shield Saves Hundreds of Thousands Compare to Pipe Replacement, Here’s How:

  • No additional costs for plastering and painting.
  • Restoration without cost of waste disposal associated with conventional re-piping.
  • Property managers save substantial time, money and disruption compared to traditional re-piping remedies.
  • Long term savings due to reduced maintenance cost.