With Pipe Shield, our expert team will be able to repair your piping system one riser at a time, which means that the remaining risers in the building will be able to stay active and continue providing water to your entire building.

Step #1: Initial Site Visit and System Analysis
Identify problems such as pinholes, corrosion, discoloured water, and the reduction of cross section area.

Step #2: System Preparation
Plumbing zones are to be determined for the schedule of work. Water from the riser is drained, valves are closed and fixtures are temporarily disconnected from the water supply. Pipe outlets are connected to the air distribution system.

Step #3: Drying
One riser system is isolated at a time, keeping the water on in other risers. The average downtime per riser is about 10 hours. Hot, filtered, dry air is introduced into the riser with the use of a highly specialized compressor. The inside of the pipe is dried thoroughly.

Step #4: Cleaning
Dried pipes are cleaned using a corundum mixture applied with hot air. The movement of the cleaning agent through the pipe removes the corrosion and transports it to an exit opening in the pipe where it is collected and disposed of. The waste product is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The result is a clean, rust free, “sharp tooth” surface inside the pipe ready for proper bonding of the epoxy.

Step #5: Coating
The Pipe Shield coating is applied in sections, under compressed air, to the inside wall of the pipe, forming a durable, resin shell with seamless adhesion. The new resin coating within the existing pipe will protect the water system permanently from future corrosion.

Step #6: Reinstatement
The water supply is reconnected and complete system checks are performed.