Our cutting edge epoxy lining is the perfect solution to your pipe lining needs.

As buildings and their plumbing systems age, water quality and dependability begin to deteriorate. Property managers face increased maintenance costs as they deal with problems such as corroded water pipes, pinhole leaks, insufficient flow and poor water quality.

Traditional answers are to spot repair by removing and replacing the damaged area of the piping system or to re-pipe the entire building. These repair methods create additional work and expense since access to pipes is gained only through the opening of walls and ceilings.

Pipe Shield utilizes the benefits of compressed air technology to apply an ANSI-NSF 61 Certified Epoxy lining to the inside surface of piping networks (1/2″ and larger). Piping systems for domestic hot and cold water, heating and process piping are rehabilitated “in place” without the aftermath of costly renovation work to walls, ceilings and floors associated with conventional repair methods. The epoxy coating is applied after the existing pipe is dried and cleaned by the use of compressed air and an ANSI-NSF 61 Certified abrasive material.

Quality assurance is performed by using fibre optic video scope camera systems capable of passing through a 3/8″ pipe at all stages of the process. The Pipe Shield process is a quick, clean and economical solution to restore aged piping systems to a better-than-new performance and condition.


Pipe Shield AN500 is a specially formulated epoxy resin developed for Pipe Shield for use in small diameter hot and cold water pipelines. The epoxy coating is a product of highly advanced resin technology and is certified to ANSI-NSF Standard 61. After application, the epoxy coating creates an impermeable barrier between the water and the pipe material thereby preventing any further internal corrosion / erosion.

The Pipe Shield coating has a smooth, hard gloss finish with excellent water resistance and hydraulic profile. The thin, resin coating enhances flow capacity of previously corroded piping enabling pressure reduction to be achieved. Pipe Shield products are applied with specialized high tech equipment and specially trained plumbing personnel.

“Computer Guided for Maximum Consistency”

We have developed a software / simulation program that is used to calculate the lining parameters. The software program ensures that the consistency of lining thickness, uniformity and coverage is obtained. Our epoxy and application parameters are specifically designed to provide the “hoop strength” to adequately rehabilitate worn, corroded, eroded and leaking piping, unlike other systems that have been designed to provide a “barrier” coating on new piping or piping with at least 50% remaining wall thickness.