Bold Décor Statements For Your Rental Property


One of the biggest problems when it comes to rental properties is the fact that they can seem a bit characterless. Since landlords want to appeal to a great number of potential tenants, they typically go with a universally appealing design. Of course, such a design can have a timeless look and an elegant ambience, but sometimes it may lack that wow factor. Yet, with just a few authentic décor statements, you can give your rental a unique flair.

Create A Gallery Wall

No one can stay indifferent towards art, which makes it one of the most stunning embellishments you can introduce to your apartment rentals. However, why not take things to another level and design an entire gallery wall? This can be a beautiful addition to the living room, giving it an elevated vibe. What’s even better is the fact that you can find affordable wall art or even print out your favourite pieces. Nonetheless, the key to designing a mesmerising gallery wall lies in linking the pieces with a common feature. Whether it is a style, colour or motif, this will help you create a cohesive look. 

Introduce Inspiring Wallpapers

Wallpapers have become a major trend in interior design, bringing the most intricate patterns, shapes and colours to a space. In addition, you can pick a versatile, removable solution, which is the perfect choice for a rental property. As for possible design ideas, you can make a true décor statement if you apply wallpaper on the ceiling. This way, you’ll transform the ceiling into the focal point of a room and create a wow effect. You can also wallpaper all the walls or a single one depending on your style. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with different wallpaper designs, including botanical motifs, geometric patterns and other enchanting ideas. 

Use An Authentic Piece Of Furniture

Designing a stunning bold statement can be achieved even with a single piece of furniture. You simply need to go with a unique design that will take centre stage in a room. For instance, an authentic and modern egg chair can be the focal point in the living room or bedroom, dominating the space with its oval shape. You can achieve an even better effect if you pick one in a bold colour, such as vibrant red, sky blue or rich green. Afterwards, you can accentuate it using surrounding decorations. For instance, if you opt for a leather egg chair, you can pair it with a plush area rug made of faux sheepskin. This will create a stylish, contrasting look that will allow the texture to truly shine. 

Add Stylish Area Rugs

More often than not, floors pass unnoticed. Yet, they provide you with a lot of design possibilities. Bare floors are typically much more popular than wall-to-wall carpeting, especially among tenants and home buyers. Thus, you should consider using stylish area rugs in your rental. This will allow you to introduce intricate patterns and vibrant colours that can break up the monotony of a subtle, neutral design. You can also give your rental an oriental flair by introducing Persian area rugs. Furthermore, layering area rugs is also a popular trend that will introduce a feeling of comfort and warmth to your rental property. 

Design An Indoor Garden

Greenery is a beautiful natural accessory that can fill your rental with a brighter, more open and positive atmosphere. The moment you introduce a potted plant to any room of your rental, you’ll notice the difference. Now, imagine what you can achieve with an entire indoor garden. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to transform an entire room into a garden. Instead, you can decorate an empty corner with a selection of beautiful plants that vary in size and shape. For instance, you can add a wooden bench and place enticing patterned leafy plants on it. You can pair them with hanging plants or use tiny succulents to create a contrast. You can also use plants as a natural headboard in the bedroom, creating a fresh, natural look.

Decorating your rental property with bold design statements will give it authentic appeal and make it feel more like home.